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Occassion surprise

Rs. 1,080

Pure Love

Rs. 999

Lilium Garden

Rs. 1,550

Love Bonanza

Rs. 700

Premium Ferrero Bouquet

Rs. 1,320

Love Combo

Rs. 1,050

Silky Pink

Rs. 849

Glittery Shine

Rs. 1,190

Vanilla n Red Velvet Cake

Rs. 1,599

Amazing Velvet Heart

Rs. 799

Red allure

Rs. 600

Browny Buddy

Rs. 780

Pineapple Designer Cake

Rs. 1,200

Awesome Mixture

Rs. 349

Boundless Love

Rs. 979

Pure Romance

Rs. 1,199

Royal Love

Rs. 999

Yummy mango cake

Rs. 550

Chocolaty Desire

Rs. 799

Lovely Sunshine

Rs. 1,499

Attractive Fruit Cake

Rs. 849

Sweet Wishes

Rs. 1,299

Majestic Arrangement

Rs. 2,025

Choco Flowery

Rs. 749

Gerberas love

Rs. 525

Elegant Pink Cake

Rs. 3,899

Allegiant Yellow Roses

Rs. 399

Magic of Orchids

Rs. 1,399

Pinkish Love

Rs. 875

Exotic Wishes

Rs. 1,050

Amazing Minion Cake

Rs. 1,899


Rs. 1,020

Purple teddy Bouquet

Rs. 1,750

Pineapple Round Cake

Rs. 449

Celebration with you

Rs. 799

Pink Tulips

Rs. 2,400

Full of Love

Rs. 3,750

Wonderful Present

Rs. 1,599

Strawberry love

Rs. 750

Heart truffle cake

Rs. 750

Astonishing Choco Cake

Rs. 499

Mix Beauty

Rs. 450

Exotic Red Velvet Cake

Rs. 699

Perfect N Elegant

Rs. 699

Peacock Magic

Rs. 3,549

Colourful Love cake

Rs. 799

Heart king

Rs. 2,399

Delicious Butterscotch Cake

Rs. 650

Black Forest Photo cake

Rs. 1,599

Thinking of Love

Rs. 849

Best Proposal

Rs. 2,899

Love is Sweet

Rs. 2,475

Basketball Cake

Rs. 3,499

Chocostraw Cake

Rs. 3,000

Hazel Truffle Cake

Rs. 799

Carnation Swing

Rs. 950

White Tulips

Rs. 2,400


Rs. 990

Loving Couple

Rs. 1,720

Smiley pillow

Rs. 350

Simply sweet

Rs. 800

Attractive Red Velvet Cake

Rs. 649

Beautiful Red Hamper

Rs. 599

Red Velvet Fruity Cake

Rs. 1,599

Roses Paradise

Rs. 3,199

Pure Divine

Rs. 549

Floral Delight

Rs. 320

Strawberry jelly

Rs. 600

Choco Crunch cake

Rs. 900

Choco Birthday Cake

Rs. 799

Valentine Special

Rs. 549

Someone Special

Rs. 750

Magic of Love

Rs. 2,275

Bike Lover Cake

Rs. 2,299

Sunshine Magic

Rs. 499

Perfecto Wedding cake

Rs. 4,200

Special Blueberry cake

Rs. 699

Joy Combo

Rs. 949

Red Tulips

Rs. 2,550

2 Tier amazing Fondant Cake

Rs. 4,990

Chocolaty Birthday Cake

Rs. 799

Smiley cake

Rs. 750

Blueberry cake

Rs. 699

Love Feelings

Rs. 949

Delicious Vanilla Cake

Rs. 549

Love Express

Rs. 899

Queen of hearts

Rs. 2,990

Kit kat cake

Rs. 1,500

Black Forest cake

Rs. 499

Choco Filler

Rs. 799

Choco Gemmy Cake

Rs. 799

Colorful Magic

Rs. 675

Magical Colors

Rs. 1,599

Chota Bheem Pic Cake

Rs. 1,499

Sweet surprise

Rs. 800

From my Heart

Rs. 1,650

Adorable Romance

Rs. 379

Graceful Elegance

Rs. 749

True Admiration

Rs. 1,499

2 Tier Avengers Cake

Rs. 3,400

Tempting Truffle Cake

Rs. 849

Lovely Blossoms

Rs. 2,200

Pinkish Teddy

Rs. 850

Rich Truffle Cake

Rs. 549

Choco Elegance

Rs. 999

Cute Proposal

Rs. 1,075

Assorted Roses

Rs. 999

Red Carnations Bunch

Rs. 1,499

Perfect Combo

Rs. 749

Adorable Mix Roses

Rs. 875

Fruit Cake

Rs. 900

Choco Flowery Treat

Rs. 529

Black Forest Beauty

Rs. 649

Nature Love

Rs. 1,499

Magical Dream

Rs. 3,899

Heart Truffle Photo Cake

Rs. 1,749
Total 116 products found.

Send Flowers and Cakes to your Loved Ones in Rohtak

Online Cake Delivery in Rohtak, Online Flowers Delivery in Rohtak, Online Gifts Delivery in Rohtak

Who doesn’t want to make a garden of flowers at home? I think everyone, if I am not wrong, right. Well, let me tell you the reason behind this because “Flowers” is considered nature's most beautiful creations and no one can ever remain unaffected by their fragrance & beauty. Whether it is birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or special days such as valentine’s day, the flowers are known as the perfect gift for all occasions. Even you can also use flowers to convey condolences & grief at funerals too.

Do you have to attain a party? Didn’t get time to purchase the gift? Didn’t understand what gift has to buy in order to impress your loved one? Just keep down, take a deep breath and avail the services of the flower delivery! Ordering flowers from online flower shops are as easy as playing game. That’s why while keep in mind the requirement of many buyers, many online shops for flower delivery in Rohtak provide a wide range of fresh flowers. We have all varieties of cakes to choose from. Now, it's not a hassle to send cakes to your loved ones in Rohtak. You can choose from which provides best Online Cake Delivery in Rohtak.

I understand that due to busy & hectic schedule you will not get time to spend a few hours away from your daily routine to go a flower shop and order flowers for somebody.  You need not worry about it because, in today’s digital world, everything is done through “Internet” and results in increasing demand for online shopping. Whether you're sending an anniversary bouquet, a birthday gift, or a heartfelt apology, online services of flower delivery in Rohtak is considered as the fastest & best way to get the fresh and beautiful flowers at reasonable rates and the unspoken message into the hands of your friend or loved ones.  So, if you want to send flowers from one place to another and convey your message to your dear ones, then go online to order reliable flower delivery services in Rohtak as ordering flowers online is so convenient.    

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nitasha Sep 03 2019
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Himanshi Sep 16 2019
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