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Love Present

Rs. 1,399

Occassion surprise

Rs. 1,080

Bright Feelings

Rs. 900

Marvellous Bouquet of 100 Red Roses

Rs. 2,599

Celebration with you

Rs. 799

Perfect N Elegant

Rs. 699

Wonderful Present

Rs. 1,599

Sweet combo for Bro

Rs. 1,499

Love Bonanza

Rs. 700

Choco Rosey Love

Rs. 1,350

Mix Beauty

Rs. 450

Pinkish Love

Rs. 875

Premium Exotic

Rs. 699

Rose Repose

Rs. 1,100

Romantic Combo (2-3 Delivery Days)

Rs. 2,692

Love you combo

Rs. 1,450

Adorable Romance

Rs. 379

Valentine Special

Rs. 549

Loaded with love

Rs. 2,549

Elegant Red Roses

Rs. 280

Impressive Combo

Rs. 900

Chocolatious Heart

Rs. 1,700

Splendid 100 Pink Roses

Rs. 2,899

Just Like That

Rs. 1,049

Roses Paradise

Rs. 3,199

Loving Couple

Rs. 1,720

Sweetest combo for Rakhi

Rs. 990

Adorable Mix Roses

Rs. 875

Golden Moments

Rs. 1,980

Beautiful Red Hamper

Rs. 599

Best Proposal

Rs. 2,899

Queen of hearts

Rs. 2,990

Beautiful combo for bro

Rs. 950

Valentine's Special (2-3 Delivery Days)

Rs. 2,692

Chocolatious Delight

Rs. 1,500

Surprise Her

Rs. 720

Love Combo

Rs. 1,050

Cute Proposal

Rs. 1,075

Representing Love

Rs. 3,799

Graceful Roses

Rs. 399

Flowery Celebration

Rs. 700

Feelings Booster

Rs. 1,200

Heart shape beauty

Rs. 1,749

Joy Combo

Rs. 949

Love Express

Rs. 899

Romantic Red

Rs. 499

Grace full Combo

Rs. 2,110

One sided roses arrangement

Rs. 1,250

Sweet Attraction

Rs. 1,479

Love Feelings

Rs. 949

Someone Special

Rs. 750

Royal Love

Rs. 999

Graceful Arrangement for Bro

Rs. 1,299

Single Red Rose

Rs. 230

Sunshine Magic

Rs. 499

Rosy Romance

Rs. 360

Allegiant Yellow Roses

Rs. 399

Boundless Love

Rs. 979

Exotic Wishes

Rs. 1,050

Pink Beauty

Rs. 349

Love You Mug Arrangement

Rs. 745

Perfect Combo

Rs. 749

Lovely Hug

Rs. 1,850

Nature's magic

Rs. 1,449

Heart Connection

Rs. 1,349

Assorted Roses

Rs. 999

Heart Bond

Rs. 1,650

Someone Special Combo

Rs. 700

Undefined moments

Rs. 1,200

Smiley Bouquet

Rs. 1,250

Magic Cushion Combo *(Order it 4-5 days before the date you want it)*

Rs. 1,825

Morning Wishes

Rs. 999

Simply Awesome

Rs. 2,799

Classic Combo for Bro

Rs. 499

Red Blossom

Rs. 450

Mix Romance

Rs. 449

Choco Flowery Treat

Rs. 529

True Admiration

Rs. 1,499

Magic of Love

Rs. 2,275

Memorable Moments

Rs. 3,500

Romantic Photo Mug Arrangement

Rs. 740

Classic Beauty

Rs. 800

Roses Alphabetic Arrangement

Rs. 2,049

Silky Pink

Rs. 849

Full of Love

Rs. 3,750

Big Love

Rs. 12,000

Precious Moment

Rs. 600

Royal Gesture

Rs. 1,350

Charming Beauty

Rs. 1,749

Awesome Mixture

Rs. 349

Beautiful Wishes

Rs. 1,049

U Shape Arrangement

Rs. 1,050

Surprise with Emotions

Rs. 1,699

Sweet surprise

Rs. 800

Mesmerising Love

Rs. 399

Lovely Sunshine

Rs. 1,499

Glittery Shine

Rs. 1,190

Magical Colors

Rs. 1,599

New Beginning

Rs. 750

Just For You

Rs. 2,000

Pink Garden

Rs. 950

Palatable Love

Rs. 1,100

Exotic Bloom

Rs. 999

Magic in Air

Rs. 949


Rs. 990

Floral Delight

Rs. 320

Sweet and Beautiful

Rs. 1,950
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Red rose is the encapsulation of affection and sentiment that can escalate the adoration in a relationship by its essence. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to implant increasingly sentiment in your relationship remember to send a bundle of bewitching red roses online to your cherished on exceptional events like Valentine's day or birthday or commemoration from Flowers Galaxy.

Different Colors of Roses and Their Significance

Red Rose   Pink Rose Orange Rose   White Rose; Yellow Rose

Red Rose:

Red roses additionally represent energy, genuine romance, sentiment and want. The red rose is an exemplary "I Love You" rose, settling on it a prominent decision for Valentine's Day. At the point when red roses are utilized for a bridal bunch, they speak to ecstasy in the marriage just as evident regard and thankfulness toward each other.

Pink Rose:

The significance of pink roses can represent gentility, style, refinement and sweetness. ... A profound or hot pink rose can pass on appreciation, gratefulness, acknowledgment and is an extraordinary method to state "thank you," while a light or pale pink rose passes on effortlessness, tenderness, delight and satisfaction.

Orange Rose:

Orange: Aspiration, Spirit, and Joy. An exacting blend of yellow and red, orange roses were viewed as a scaffold between companionship symbolized by yellow roses and love spoken to by red roses. They can be a declaration of interest or a blessing to state "I'm proud of you.

White Rose:

White: freshness, Innocence, condolence, supernatural. Early convention utilized white roses as an image for genuine romance, an affiliation which would later turn into the sign of the red rose. This also represents bridal rose, the white rose is a conventional wedding flower.

Yellow Rose:

Yellow: Attachment, Delight, Get Well. ... From the beginning of time, yellow has been intently connected with the sun, making these roses incredible for brightening individuals up. Yellow roses communicate something specific of thankfulness and dispassionate love without the sentimental subtext of different hues. The shading speaks to sentiments of satisfaction and joy.

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