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Chocostraw Cake

Rs. 3,000

Loaded with love

Rs. 2,549


Rs. 2,500

White Tulips

Rs. 2,400


Rs. 2,200

Splendid 100 Pink Roses

Rs. 2,899

Alphabet Cake

Rs. 2,599

Perfecto Wedding cake

Rs. 4,200

Love is Sweet

Rs. 2,475

Yellow Tulips

Rs. 2,250

Heartly White

Rs. 2,350

Royal Chocolate Bunch

Rs. 2,499

Beer Cake

Rs. 2,599

Grand Celebration cake

Rs. 3,599

Magic of Love

Rs. 2,275

Red Tulips

Rs. 2,550

Breathtaking Hearts

Rs. 2,250

Roses Alphabetic Arrangement

Rs. 2,049

Bike Lover Cake

Rs. 2,299

Batman Cake

Rs. 2,699

Majestic Arrangement

Rs. 2,025

Red n Pink Heart

Rs. 2,599

Connecting Hearts

Rs. 2,399

Rochers Basket

Rs. 2,299

Adorable Purple

Rs. 2,950

Spiderman cake

Rs. 2,699

Queen of hearts

Rs. 2,990

Lovely Blossoms

Rs. 2,200

Red n White Heart

Rs. 2,699

Dreams Unlimited

Rs. 2,780

Pink Tulips

Rs. 2,400

Chubby Bear

Rs. 3,500

Marvellous Bouquet of 100 Red Roses

Rs. 2,599

Simply Awesome

Rs. 2,799
Total 34 products found.

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Reviews & theory
KUNAL Jun 25 2022
I had gifted bamboo to my wife on her birthday yesterday, seeing which she was very happy. Thanks To Flowers galaxy.
Rohan Jun 27 2022
I had ordered Ghevar yesterday, which my family liked to taste. Thanks to flowers galaxy
Ashima Jun 28 2022
I ordered a bunch of pink roses yesterday on Flowers Galaxy' whose roses I found fresh and the bunch was beautiful. Thanks to flowers galaxy.
REEMA Jun 24 2022
Adorable fresh Pink roses by flowersgalaxy
SONIA Jun 29 2022
I gave my brother-in-law a cake on his anniversary yesterday, which he liked very much, his taste and design was very amazing. Thanks to flowersgalaxy.
AKASH Jun 30 2022
My wife loves Gerberas. I ordered Gerberas yesterday from Flowers Galaxy which my wife really liked. Thanks to flowersgalaxy.
AARVI Jul 01 2022
Got a suprise on my birthday , cake was yumm, & flowers are super fresh , it just make my day. Thank you Flowers galaxy.