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God can’t always be everywhere, so he invented Mothers

This Mothers Day, When you gift anything to Mom. Keep in mind that Mom…is not just a simple word, but it’s a complete world…you may call her by mom, maa, Mumma, mata but her role is the same in every matter what your age is. Whether you are 18 or 80, you would always need mom around you because she is the best friend, guide, cheerleader and what not! She is the most important person of your life because*Relation with her is 9 months more den the rest of the world*A mother carries a child in her womb for 9 months…In this period, her body goes through many physical and mental changes. Since that day she starts putting her child above anything else…no one can take place of a mother because of the worthiness of her…

Happy Mothers Day

For a toddler, mom is the only safest place on earth…if you ever noticed, small children start crying in presence of strangers…In teenagers, where children fall in love and may experience heartbreak then the only mother understands this behavior and she becomes their best friend. And when you grow up to maturity level where you have so many friends, your life partner to share everything with…But still, if you ever got hurt, you will shout ‘Maa’. And after that, when your mom becomes too old you play the role of a mom to your mom. This unconditional love and support by her are all that makes her so special…

Mothers Day

Although every day is incomplete without mothers, this special Mother’s Day let’s be with her and make her feel special by endless pampering and showing gratitude for all the love we receive from her!!

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